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I tried to watch an old tonight and my PS3 is not working. So I tried Windows, Mac, and Linux and nothing has the codec to play the disc! Can you even buy a Blu-ray nowadays? I was able to watch Blu-rays a few years ago but now everything has lost support.

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I used to just recycle, but since learning how few plastics actually get recycled, I've reduced my single-use plastic consumption by:

🐋 Switching to shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottled, and from shower gel to bar soap (like we all used as kids)

🐟 Using glass containers and a set of stretchy silicone covers that fit over my bowls for leftovers instead of plastic wrap in the kitchen

🌱 Using reusable silicone bags instead of disposable plastic ones

🐢 Bringing my own stainless steel bottle or cup if I'm getting a drink outside of my home

🦀 Carrying a set of bamboo utensils for takeout (and choosing places with compostable takeout containers)

🌊 Using stainless steel straws or no straw instead of plastic

🐚 Buying produce without wrapping (farmer's markets are great in summer) & bringing my own containers for spices in bulk

I'd like to give a 👎 to Whole Foods, which sells in bulk but makes you use their plastic bag or container. Guess where I don't buy in bulk!

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The new gtk-rs release is out! New bindings for GTK4 and a lot of other great improvements. More information here:

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UN report
May 6

"natural gas won’t help the world avoid climate catastrophe. Once seen as a “bridge fuel” ... growing evidence shows that gas is a bigger culprit in the climate crisis than previously thought."

“natural” gas, the fuel is primarily plain old methane.

“One thing the report calls for very strongly is not building any more of this fossil fuel infrastructure,”

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateStrike #xr #FridaysForFuture #divest #StopTMX #stopCGL

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On the illusion of 'net-zero' technologies, how we got there and what is next.

'It should now be getting clear where the journey is heading. As the mirage of each magical technical solution disappears, another equally unworkable alternative pops up to take its place. The next is already on the horizon – and it’s even more ghastly. Once we realise net zero will not happen in time or even at all, geoengineering – the deliberate and large scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system – will probably be invoked as the solution to limit temperature increases.'


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AGL launches legal battle against Greenpeace over climate change campaign

Energy giant AGL has launched legal action against environmental advocacy organisation Greenpeace Australia Pacific, following the launch of a Greenpeace... #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

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The coalition has five modest demands for Disney:

I. Honor contracts now held by Disney and its subsidiaries

II. Provide royalty payments and statements to all affected authors

III. Update their licensing page with an FAQ for writers about how to handle missing royalties

IV. Create a clear, easy-to-find contact person or point for affected authors.

V. Cooperate with author organizations who are providing support to authors and agents.


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Researchers map symbiotic relationships between #trees and #microbes

In and around the tangled roots of the forest floor, #fungi and #bacteria grow with trees, exchanging nutrients for #carbon in a vast, global marketplace. A new effort to map the most abundant of these symbiotic relationships—involving more than 1.1 million #forest sites and 28,000 tree species—has revealed factors that determine where different types of #symbionts will flourish.


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Microsoft now owns, or will soon own, one of the best text-to-speech engines for blind power-users, through its acquisition of Nuance. But the code has been abandoned for years. It seems unlikely that this TTS engine is a valuable asset for Microsoft. So let's petition them to open-source it. (No, I didn't start the petition, but I'm in agreement with it.)

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2 YEARS! For 730 days, Julian #Assange has been rotting in "British Guantanamo", after being forcefully removed from EC embassy, his political asylum illegally revoked.

His crime? Exposing the true nature of the war crimes of the US and the UK, in an undeniable, un-censorable and searchable way.

Massive breaches of the rule-of-law concern us all!

Beyond Assange and WikiLeaks is the fate of free speech, free press, and our collective ability to publish online.

#FreeAssangeNow #DropTheCharges

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Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.


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@jwkicklighter @jele

We do a disservice to people who genuinely have a hard time picking up social cues or "reading the room", when we put that in the same category as decades of toxic behavior--behavior which literally thousands of people have attempted to change since the 1980s.

I would encourage you to read Sumana's post, here: "Not The First Time We Tried" (many other detailed such accounts exist).

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The Federation Falacy - On Life & Lisp:

I'm sure plenty of you disagree, I think I recall specifically that.

Personally I like advocating P2P, to avoid asking asking the question of "which server do you want to use?"

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I renamed the essay to "Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement" and moved it to cooperativetechnology.codeberg

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Ada Lovelace is known for being the first computer programmer, which is cool, except 1) she never actually ran her programs, 2) the programs were for a machine that was never built, and 3) neither her program or the machine had any influence on modern CS.
[ . . . ]
Why not instead use Barbara Liskov? The "Liskov Substitution Principle", the 'L' in SOLID, is named after her. Her work on CLU has influenced almost all modern languages. She invented abstract data types. She invented ITERATORS!
[ . . . ]
Or Frances Allen? First woman to win the Turing Award. Major, *major* innovations in optimizing compilers that compiled high level languages into FAST bytecode. Without her we might still be stuck writing assembly for anything that needs performance.
[ . . . ]

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GNOME 40 is almost here meaning updates are on the way! Learn a little bit more about what's changing in Epiphany in this blog from Alexander Mikhaylenko:

#GNOME40 #Epiphany #opensource

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"Ulysses claims it can currently access more than 15 billion vehicle locations around the world every month, and it estimates that, by 2025, 100 percent of new cars will be connected and transmitting gigabytes of collectible data per hour."

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