@reality2cast @dsearls @katherined @kyle Ooh, and I meant to mention that I've found Perplexity to do a better job as a research assistant, including citations: perplexity.ai/search/e6202732-

@reality2cast @dsearls @katherined @kyle I can certainly imagine a mostly-offline consumer-oriented AI-in-a-box, like the old family computer. But I can't see how it could compete with a cloud service. 😒 Still, a great conversation!

"In other words, the role of the human in terms of AI is not to be the interrogator, but rather the editor."


"In 2022, user experience is a function of the privacy and content policies offered by services... Individuals also have powerful tools to control their own user experience."


"These findings help developers make educated choices when it comes to determining whether a PWA is the right approach given their target users’ means of Web access."


Hello BPMN, my old friend. I've come to draw with you again.

I was worried that my career track was Pointy Haired Boss. I see now that it's Catbert.

@agx @purism But the real goal is recreating the Wii U gamepad, right? 😜

Had a great time prototyping with and - I even delivered an MSI to a Windows user! 😲 beeware.org

Cats, coffee and human beings. Happy Africa Day! 🌍

"PEX files are self-contained executable Python virtual environments ... [that] make it easy to deploy Python applications"


"As you add features to your application, you shouldn’t be forced to bundle everything up into a single process just to make the application easier to run."


"With asynchronous work... you need to be able to work on a task, figure out what is needed from others and share that with the right people asynchronously, then move on to another task while waiting for that information."


But even if your choices are limited, there is one basic step you can take to protect your privacy...


TFW you discover a whole product for something you thought might be a one week project


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