@silmathoron Yes, Byzantium. It needs patches in kernel, Mesa and Android image though - but nothing too weird or hacky, so hopefully this will work out-of-box in a not so distant future :)

Personally IMO the linux mobile ecosystem should just ditch Anbox and waydroid, stop spending resources trying to bridge those two worlds and focus on making good mainlinux linux mobile ready apps.

But I will admit that I may be a strange person and my use cases might be different from others :)

@dos @silmathoron


@joao @dos @silmathoron

Exactly what I think.

But when I read that e.g. the need for some (in my opinion unsecure) banking app for 2nd factor to log in stops people from switching to mobile linux I see their point.

Maybe there should go some more thought into a strategy to make possible what helps the linux ecosystem while promoting the google ecosystem as little as possible.

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