Show more Just got my Star Lite MK 2 in the mail this morning! :) Great! How are things looking for the pinetab?

@purism signed up for, have had conversations with many people about internet privacy. I continue to learn more about the subject and ordered a Linux phone with privacy measures built in. I've been a good boy!

#PinePhone hype!
We finally managed to boot into #ManjaroARM #PlasmaMobile on the PinePhone.

Next we need to actually make it usable.

@ManjaroARM awesome! I have a braveheart coming to me soon! I'd love to run manjaro on it.

@gbryant That was great! I'm with you all the way. Thanks for speaking out!

@lunduke What do you think is the most common difficulty that people have with linux?

@eff Glad I found you on here. Thanks for all the info! :)

@lunduke If it helps you feel motivated: I've been inspired by ya!

I just wrote a long, multi-post diatribe about some politicians.

Deleted it. There's enough yelling going on. Me yelling would just be more noise.

Time to pull a Lazlo Hollyfeld.

@purism Trying to get my friends on this social network. Wish me luck and thank you! :)

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