@gardiner_bryant I play a variety of instruments and I believe I live in the same state as you. Send me a message.

@thelinuxEXP Twitter is a toilet. So I guess X marks the spot where you put your bum.

@gardiner_bryant that sucks. Everyone has challenges. I wouldn't be surprised if that person has room to improve in their life too! They probably do and maybe would rather pick on you that face their own stuff.

@fdroidorg@mastodon.technology For me, being on the play store kind of defeats the purpose of f-droid.

@lbry Damn, that's fucking savage. Sorry but there's already too much savagery on the internet. Don't be part of the problem. I will no longer be following you.

@chiraag @lbry On lbry you can post as many flat earth videos as you want. You have the freedom to be full of it.

@linuxtechmore@mastodon.technology one last summer. Typing on it now. I like it!

@fsf Can you suggest any website companies so I can make a site only using ethical tech? Thanks

@fsf Why are you even talking about twitter? It's garbage all around.

@lunduke It's like Charles Bukowski said "..the best at hate are those who preach love."

@fsf Got Trisquel Mini going on my Toshiba Satellite. Having trouble using proton mail through the included browser. But I'm hoping to be able to do all my internet facing activity on this os. Wish me luck!

@fsf People who live in dystopian futures, like in the movies and books, are only ever vaguely aware of it. They just know something isn't right with the world. Maybe it's time we realize that we _are_ living in a dystopia.

@mntmn You should make a special version of the Reform that has a CRT monitor. You could set the record for the hugest laptop ever! ;)

@distrotube@mastodon.technology Been trying to tell people about things like this happening. They either don't care or don't know what to do.

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