Take a listen now! @katherined and @doc talk to Shawn Powers and @kyle about protecting yourself online, password and security best practices, and a tragic tale.

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@reality2cast @katherined @doc @kyle great episode. Like @kyle I’ve also kept my passwords in a KeePass DB format for a long time. In the last two years I’ve even managed to get my non-tech friends and family to use it as well. I’ve used the following clients with excellent integration to their environments:

Android: KeePass2Android
iOS: Strongbox
Windows & Linux: KeePassXC

All support TOTP natively as well, for management and use of your 2FA credentials.

@ajmartinez Can you recommend a particular TOTP Clint from the PureOS store and thanks for those recommendations ^^

@peppergypsy13 I do not yet have a device running PureOS, so I can’t say what is in their repo. I’m not aware of a reason KeePassXC wouldn’t be in their repo and that’s my go-to for all Linux distros.

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