Car picks up the bluetooth audio from my running just fine:

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Flipping the wifi/bt killswitch is sufficient. Here's a short video. The audio quality isn't great but you can hear the switch from speaker to the car's audio:

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The cover art needs work on the bluetooth side as we don't send that yet but apart from that it works nicely (skipping songs forwards, backwards, etc).

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My librem 5 has decided not to charge and boot...still hoping I can get it to listen to me.

@thomzane @agx

Yes, but afaik it only does A2DP, but I suspect it should (?) work fine with the phone pretty much anywhere in your car?

@devrtz @thomzane @agx Calls require HFP/HSP profile instead of A2DP. While BlueZ and PipeWire/PulseAudio can do it, most phones need work on the ALSA UCM side and also drivers for their Bluetooth chip and audio.

@thomzane @agx

Correction: The SparkLAN card can do HFP. It is the (older) redpine card where only A2DP works.


@agx just want to say, that I love the song you picked for the video :owi:


Awesome work!

But I have to ask:

I would've expected your music collection to be properly tagged tztztz ... :)

🎶 📱 🍥 🎉

@purism Digitial media is a mess by my record collection is top notch!

@agx @purism

I think the next setup to try is record player -> #librem5 -> bluetooth -> car

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