phosh 0.29.0 is out 🚀📱:

This release brings Improved audio device selection, notifications for ongoing calls, a new sensors panel (thanks @devrtz) suspend from system menu (thanks undef) and more!

Check out the full release notes at


If you want to prevent phosh from taking notches into account when laying out elements in the top bar use

gsettings set sm.puri.phosh shell-layout 'none'

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@agx Wohoo I see that not only one but two of the issues I reported are fixed in the new version! Good job! You guys are my heroes 🙂

@devrtz @purism

@agx @devrtz @purism These posts are much appreciated but always such a tease, because it feels like weeks after you announce before I actually get the update.

@Phaserune @devrtz @purism

We want that bit of extra care/time before releasing into byzantium (to all users). New packages are in landing already.

You can always run phosh-next if you want new stuff sooner and help testing MRs (but need to be sure you know how to recover)

@agx @devrtz @purism could you tell me how to get phosh earlier? I really do appreciate all of your work on the librem 5!

@Phaserune @devrtz @purism see in l5-devscripts - note that this is intended for people who want to check MRs currently under review so you want to follow the MRs that are tracked too (see e.g. /usr/share/doc/phosh/changelog.Debian.gz) and e.g.

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