Some progress to handle notches / cutouts of phones better in : I have a small lib that gets panel cutout / notch information as paths and can calculate a bounding box . can use it to render cutouts for debugging and can use it for layout (so far only to shift the panel down). (see follow up posts for more pictures).
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phoc rendering cutouts in nexted mode to simulate cutouts and rounded edges:

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phosh using that information to push the top panel down because there's a (simulated) notch:
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MRs are linked here:

Next steps (after cleaning up a bit and getting it merged) is allowing phosh to make better use of that information (e.g. to shift ui elements to the side instead of down) and providing the information to wayland clients so e.g. video players can make use of it in fullscreen mode.

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@agx awesome! will use my dumb patch until this happens, thanks!


@gnumdk I certainly appreciate any help to get the top panel flow around notches nicely once the groundwork landed (my doesn't even need notches /cutout support). I hope we get some design input from @snwh how things could look like.

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