phosh 0.22.0 is out 🚀📱 :

A bit later than usual but with more style improvements, better battery indicator and more:

Check out the full release notes at



@agx Does this mean that you can turn alarm clock off from lockscreen :D?


I noticed this is working now, it works to stop the alarm without unlocking. Thanks! 👍

It will be much appreciated by certain of my family members who have been complaining that it always took so long for me to turn off the alarm in the morning. 😄


@agx I'm excited about the Librem 5 and related projects. If I had the money I would be rocking a Librem 5 USA :D

@agx @purism great! will phosh merge with gnome-shell mobile or will it remain a different project?

@marc0x @purism
's (and 's) mission is (and has been) to allow people to break away from proprietary solutions rightnow™ (not at some point in the future). So they're separate projects but there is the possibility to share more code which hopefully works out.

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