Instead of I'm using a test client to hack on 's gesture support. The red bar basically maps to phosh's top-panel. Red meaning `folded`, green `moving` and blue `unfolded`. The first prereqs for this are already merged and I hope to submit more over the next weeks. Animations need more work as does cancelation, etc but it's moving forward. The way it's implemented works for other kinds of gestures too and also for mouse and laptop touchpad gestures.

I should add that the client tells the compositor which surfaces are dragable and how so it's not hardcoded in . E.g. would mark the top panel and bottom bar dragable.

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...and here's the same thing using . Needs more work and polishing but just to give an idea. It works pretty well with thumb only too but that's hard to record.

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Can you please add a option to Phosh where the bar of notifications disappear when an app in launch.

@carlosgonz I don't think we need that but let's rather discuss in a bug. The fediverse isn't a bug tracker.

I mean disapper the notification bar when an app is opened, this feature is very import on mobile where the space is limited, i don't think so we need the bar notifications all time like Android or Etc.

@agx Nice! Personally I'd be more interested in swiping up from the bottom so Phosh stops switching away from the focused application when I accidentally tap the bottom bar when pressing the keyboard's space bar.

@be @agx I couldn't agree enough! The top bar is so small it's not actually that annoying but the bottom one is a nightmare when typing and makes fullscreen apps basically unusable.

@be that's the same concept, just turn the video upside down.

@be It's likely that the 's top-bar becomes swipeable first though since the side needs more work in the app-grid to make this pleasant to use. The side doesn't care though.

In the matching phosh I have swiping enabled for both but the vertical scrolling in needs to become horizontal scrolling for that to be usable.

@agx Well whatever comes first I am looking forward to it and hope you will keep up the step for step development process because from what I can tell it allows you guys to make Phosh as stable as it is and add new features. In terms of features alone Plasma mobile could be ahead by now but it's very buggy in my experience and that's not at all mend as insult to any dev. The strategy is what we know from the Plasma team and usually works great for them but I daily drove Phosh for a reason :)

@agx what is the difference between those swipe gestures in Phosh compared to GTK apps that have swipe gestures, why does the compositor need to be involved?

@Alexmitter Imagine you want a swipe up with two fingers to close the application or a 3 finger horizontal swipe to switch to the next application: there's not GTK surface in these cases at all. Same goes e.g. for the case when you drag in a totally invisible surface (like in fullscreen). The fact that we have a tiny bit of top-bar / home button to pull in from is basically an implementation detail.

@agx Ah okay got it, thank you for the explanation.

@agx now you need to do a new release of 'cause I want that!!! :p

@joao The demo shows what works somewhat. Need to fix the parts that don't work yet 🔧 🔨 👩‍🔧 👨‍🔧 first

Yes! Now the same gestures I use on android will work on Phosh! Tapping the bars was one of the most jarring things about moving over.

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