Instead of I'm using a test client to hack on 's gesture support. The red bar basically maps to phosh's top-panel. Red meaning `folded`, green `moving` and blue `unfolded`. The first prereqs for this are already merged and I hope to submit more over the next weeks. Animations need more work as does cancelation, etc but it's moving forward. The way it's implemented works for other kinds of gestures too and also for mouse and laptop touchpad gestures.

@agx what is the difference between those swipe gestures in Phosh compared to GTK apps that have swipe gestures, why does the compositor need to be involved?


@Alexmitter Imagine you want a swipe up with two fingers to close the application or a 3 finger horizontal swipe to switch to the next application: there's not GTK surface in these cases at all. Same goes e.g. for the case when you drag in a totally invisible surface (like in fullscreen). The fact that we have a tiny bit of top-bar / home button to pull in from is basically an implementation detail.

@agx Ah okay got it, thank you for the explanation.

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