@purism Built a simple virtual mouse for using virtual-pointer protocol so i can navigate the pointer on the external screen attached to the without having a physical mouse attached. Useful for e.g. presentations when you only connect a beamer.

@agx @purism @linmob that is cool and all but how is it functional? Is it better than an external trackpad?

@flamingkeys @agx @purism I doubt it is better, but it is nice to have if you are in a situation where you have no trackpad (e.g. when you have a keyboard, that does not include one or you are out and have forgotten your trackpad.)

@linmob @agx @purism that seem like highly specific problems but okay, it is better to have something usable instead of nothing.

@flamingkeys @agx @purism Yeah, but – without having seen the code – I would assume it's a fairly small, low effort thing. So there should be no harm done.

@flamingkeys @purism @linmob an external touch pad/mouse will likely be simpler to use and it frees the screen for other things too. But i want to carry less hardware around in the future so the and a simple usb-c -> DP/HDMI adapter will be sufficient with this and (the on screen keyboard)

@agx @flamingkeys @purism @linmob wonder if gnome-network-displays would work well on it, even less stuff to carry

@mrmcq2u @flamingkeys @purism @linmob maybe my neighborhood is just to oldschool but i usually end up with a DP/VGA/HDMI cable (and hence i have an adapter that does all three)

@agx @purism Oh that's nice, would allow making laptop by fitting it into (with _small_ modifications) or similar case packaged with akkus and screen. Technically in touchpad mode backlight could be turned off.

@agx @purism Brillant! This also answers the question for people who wanted to use the librem 5 as a TouchPad while docked.

@agx @purism But the real goal is recreating the Wii U gamepad, right? 😜

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