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I don’t believe this conspiracy theory one bit, but it is delicious


The US and UK governments are bleeding authority so fast, the goal MUST be to invalidate themselves as the previously unquestioned loci of Westphalian sovereignty.



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Made this service that prints your face on an N95 mask, so you can protect people from viral epidemics while still being able to unlock your phone.



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Well I learned something fun today. Apparently Google Chrome includes software_reporter_tool.exe, which scans your entire hard disk for executables to analyze. Also, it reports the results to Google.…
How to block the Chrome Software Reporter Tool (software_reporter_tool.exe) - gHacks Tech News

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I wrote an ode to personal websites for one of my faves,
24ways. Featuring inspiring (and rights-respecting) websites from people whose work I love and respect.

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Did you know?

OMEMO is multi-client end-to-end encryption for XMPP/Jabber.

It uses the Double Ratchet Algorithm, like in FB Messenger, Riot, Signal, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Wire...

It offers future and forward secrecy and deniability with message synchronization and offline delivery.

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If you can't choose not to use a technology, you are not using that technology, it is using you.

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I mentioned the other day that health care data is one area where people who "have nothing to hide" still care about .

Personal finances is the other area and it looks like Google's going there too.

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The 48Mp camera on the Nokia 7.2 isn't really that great. It's more of a 12Mp camera.

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Quick reminder that "Don't be evil" *used* to be Google's motto, and they deliberately changed it

@yang Seems to be doing some really smart stuff. Too bad I wasn't able to find & meet him at NY Comic Con last year.

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Holy smokes.

LibreOffice runs on the Librem 5!


Saving files, opening files, typing... the UI is a bit cramped (it's a desktop app on a phone)... but hot-diggity! It works!

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A laptop where you can swap out parts as easily as you can on a desktop tower!

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Behind the deaf government and the cruel repressive police #HKprotests are facing, this may be one of their most heartbreaking realizations that "freedom" is and has always been a hollow propaganda word the USA have been using at least since WWII and that money sadly prevails.

♲ @Apple 8. We once believed the App rejection is simply a bureaucratic f up, but now it is clearly a political decision to suppress freedom and human right in #HongKong. It is disappointing to see US corps such as @Apple, @NBA, @Blizzard_Ent, @TiffanyAndCo act against #freedom

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Wanna break free from #Google?

Here are some recommendations:

Instead of #gmail, I use #disroot ( with #k9 ( and #thunderbird ( as clients.
Instead of #google search, I use #searx (Searx instances), #duckduckgo (, and #startpage (
Searx instance has the most suggessive name. 😀
I recommend setting it as a default search engine on publicly used computers (at your school, work place, internet caffees, etc.) 😉
Instead of #youtube, I use #peertube ( and #invidious (Invidious Instances).
I also use #firefox #addon PeerTubeify to get redirected to peertube if a #video is available from there.
Instead of #googleplus, I use #diaspora (
Instead of #chrome, I use #icecat (Icecat), #firefox (Firefox), and #tor #browser (
Instead of #chromeos, I use #Parabola #GNU #linux-libre ( and #linuxmint (
Instead of google #calendar, I use #nextcloud / #owncloud calendar (
Instead of #googledrive, I use #nextcloud and #syncthing (
Instead of google forms, I use Framaforms.
It is only available in French, which unfortunately I don't speak, but that does not stop me from regularly using it. B-)
Instead of doodle, I use Framadate.
Instead of #android, I use #replicant OS ( on a Technoethical S3 phone.
#FSFE has a good website about liberating your device.
Instead of #googleplay, I use #F-Droid (
If you want to reach all apps from Google Play, I recommend #yalp store (YalpStore), but be warned that most of the apps there are not #free-software.
Instead of #googlemaps, I use #openstreetmap (
Instead of google street view, I use #mapillary (
For text #chat, I use #xmmp with my #disroot account, with pix-art messanger #fork of #conversations (Conversations) on mobile and gajim on desktop.
For video chat, I use #jitsi (
#Framasoft and #diroot offers plenty of other great services. See… and
Finally, I recommend you to spread/share your desire, successes and difficulties (both online and offline) of getting free from Google and #GAFAM ( #Google, #Apple, #Facebook, #Amazon, #Microsoft) in general.

What did I missed? What is you favourite alternative? and why? #freesoftware #foss #floss #open-source #opensource #linux #gnu-linux #fdroid #technoethical #mobile #software #privacy #surveillance #freedom
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