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Did you know?

OMEMO is multi-client end-to-end encryption for XMPP/Jabber.

It uses the Double Ratchet Algorithm, like in FB Messenger, Riot, Signal, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Wire...

It offers future and forward secrecy and deniability with message synchronization and offline delivery.

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If you can't choose not to use a technology, you are not using that technology, it is using you.

@nitox Ah, yes. That makes sense. Many email servers are open to any email client though which seems true for many fediverse instances too.

@nitox Why do you have to use the company's application to access email? Don't all email servers support IMAP which all email clients can connect to?

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When i explain federation and decentralization to people, i compare it with email.

Email can be hosted by any company, exposing a domain+server to the internet, then you must use their application/web to access it because of the old propietary software model, nowadays there is a lot of open source mail clients anyways.

ActivityPub is just a standard protocol, mastodon is a software that implements it for microblogging (like twitter)

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I mentioned the other day that health care data is one area where people who "have nothing to hide" still care about .

Personal finances is the other area and it looks like Google's going there too.

The 48Mp camera on the Nokia 7.2 isn't really that great. It's more of a 12Mp camera.

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Quick reminder that "Don't be evil" *used* to be Google's motto, and they deliberately changed it

@SpankyWorks @tindall I'm using KRDC for RDP on the PinebookPro right now. Haven't figured out OpenVPN connections yet though.

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Verdict so far: pretty much only the stock and ayufan #Pinebook #PinebookPro images work acceptably. Android and ChromeOS are unacceptably broken. I'm going with the Debian image, hopefully for the long haul.

@Miniver Calf leather? Missed opportunity to use rat leather.

@yang Seems to be doing some really smart stuff. Too bad I wasn't able to find & meet him at NY Comic Con last year.

@lunduke Does Gnome Evolution work for email? I love that program.

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Holy smokes.

LibreOffice runs on the Librem 5!


Saving files, opening files, typing... the UI is a bit cramped (it's a desktop app on a phone)... but hot-diggity! It works!

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“I offer my sincerest condolences to @waze,” Cegłowski tweeted, “which unlike HKmap is an app specifically intended for evading law enforcement, and which by Mr. Cook’s logic must therefore brace itself for imminent removal from the App Store.”

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A laptop where you can swap out parts as easily as you can on a desktop tower!

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