We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. No ads! No tracking! No data sharing! Just the best end-to-end encrypted communication and social. Join the revolution today and take back control of your data and life


wow that is really neat!
and as @selea said - consider joining librehosters too :)

@purism I like the idea but what are you paying for (outside supporting you lads and using your cloud)?
- LibremChat looks like a modified
- LibremSocial looks like a (barely) modified FediLab
- LibremMail looks like a modified K-9 Mail
- LibremTunnel looks like a modified OpenVPN app

It's nice to that you have put the effort into this, but wouldn't it have been easier to just promote those specific apps?
Or am I missing something?

@finlaydag33k @purism @amolith I could be wrong but I think they are providing the backend services for these apps, that is what the pricing is for. It's like a privacy-respecting (in theory) cloud service.

@purism This is an exciting idea coming from an SPC with a mandate like Purism's.

Will the #FOSS community benefit from the software behind these offerings? Put more plainly, is this all built with Foss?

@purism I’d love to complete my registration but I’m stuck at the login screen after the “pending” registration.. ? It says my username and/or password are incorrect /cc @todd

@moritzheiber @purism

Hi can you go to:

from there you should have a link to proceed to the next step.

@joao @purism That’s where I’m stuck, the next modal wants me to log in again, and it fails for me using the exact same credentials

@moritzheiber @joao @purism Same here! I registered without a backup email address, could you please help?

@moritzheiber @joao @purism Oh great. Good thing I have an email associated with my new account, right?

@moritzheiber @purism @todd will these android apps be available as apks or on #Fdroid ? Nice to have #privacy and installing through the #playstore is not the way to do it.

@purism This service is quite new and its ios apps is newly added. Maybe some tutorial helps.

@purism That's great, thanks for doing it!
But maybe you could mention more clearly that you're using already existing FLOSS apps. People might believe you made Matrix/Riot, Mastodon/Tusky and K-9.

@purism Will your email service support custom domains?

@purism I really hope that the hardware you sell doesn't tightly couple this service. I'm excited for my librem5 but, as it stands, have no interest in librem one.

@purism J'ai toujours supposé que le Librem 5 serait mon premier produit Librem. Mais commencer par Librem One semble bien plus raisonnable. 😉

@purism Nice to have another VPN service available, though I hope it doesn't interfere with the much more important work IMO of making libre hardware available!

@purism Haven't seen anyone happy about this. Sad to see Purism do this without much thought.

@purism On what grounds are you using "social" as a noun? What gives you the right?

@purism social functionality would be nice, if only it allowed reporting abusive users!

Good job purism for bringing an easy solution for the masses. But, is it true that you prefer the Google Playstore instead of FDroid or direct download as Threema is doing? You ask for privacy and dont support FDroid?

@purism Are you going to support custom email domains? How about custom domains for social and chat?


Hello! Awesome game changing stuff!

But i have a SailfishOS on my mobile, not Android, and i don't want to use Google Play.

Any plans for F-Droid package?



@Linux @purism They have stated that they do plan to bring Librem One to F-Droid. I believe it was somewhere in the FAQ

@akzel @purism

Astonishing! The last piece of the freedom puzzle sort of 😉

@Linux @fdroidorg @purism btw you can use it already! librem social is a rebranded tusky etc..

i don't wanna badmouth anything, cause its always good to give "normal" endusers "simpler" options, but if you already use tusky etc. you only "lock" yourself in another "vendor"

and again, i don't want to badmouth anything.. the librem 5 looks awesome, but i'm sceptical about the librem one service ^^v

@purism Yeah sure, haha... totally not gonna change later... 🤔

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