On 21.03.1 with , the can play ogg files in fine over bluetooth (by changing output in audio sources list).
Anyone got pointers for playing mp3, flac, m4a files over the headphone jack?
They skip in , and don't show up in lollypop. The headphone jack doesn't show up in sound settings.

The other part of the solution was to install , which allowed me to set the (proportedly unplugged) headphone jack as the output. I guess the hardware was having a hard time detecting the plug state of that. Sadly, plugging into my speakers produced a quieter sound than using the internal speaker.

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@zachdecook Just guessing: You may be missing some gstreamer plugins. Try installing gst-plugins-bad and if that does not help gst-plugins-ugly.

@linmob thanks! It looks like I didn't have any installed. That seemed to do the trick.

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