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24 hours of Earth's rotation, with the camera locked to the sky instead of the ground. We're all hanging out on this spinning rock.
Brilliant video by Bartosz Wojczyński. #nature #wonder #earth now uses 2 servers for web requests. This should bring down the error rate when loading profiles and tweets

We shouldn't need permission to make "third party apps."

Everything happening with Reddit will happen with GitHub.

Fires are still burning in Canada.

New fires – some caused by lightning – raged in Quebec in early June, prompting evacuations and air quality warnings.

@nasa’s Aqua satellite captured this image of smoke from the fires on June 3, 2023.

Why do all of Apple’s new computing platforms have no answer for development? Like, I can’t use their new platforms to build. Not iPhone, not iPad, not Vision. It’s still the Mac doing the heavy lifting. Touch apps built on a mouse based system. 3D apps built on a 2D system. Apple is missing out on apps developed for these systems on these systems. The Mac is a mess. But apparently it’s the mess that works for this messy world.

“Dad… what are you doing?”

High school bullies rejoice as years of pinching nipples gives them a competitive edge in the AR future of Apple Vision Pro.

I wonder if beat saber would feel nice on the new Apple headset without controllers

Interesting framing of Norway's #EV boom:

> Norway’s current 80%+ BEV share is enough to meet California’s 2035 gas car ban

They've already done what people say is impossible to do by 2035.

Looks like my SSD containing my /home just died 😭

New feature on this weekend:

Alt-text/captioning on images will now be properly replicated. I know Twitter doesn't have the same culture of writing them as the fediverse, but it was really a waste to not keep them when we have them!

Let me know if you see other ways of making the service more accessible, always happy to add those kind of feature 😄

A solar powered, e-ink bus stop sign with real-time bus times. This is a very good combination of neat technologies.

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