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Take a moment to appreciate the magic of trade. A free trade is when two parties make an exchange because they both want to, and both wind up better off. Yes, fraud, coercion, and externalities exist, but the vast majority of exchanges are unregretted and positive sum.

Introducing Valve Certified Refurbished Steam Decks! These are fully tested at Valve facilities and come with the same 1-year warranty as a new Deck. Supplies are limited and expect these to come in and out of stock as available.
Learn more here:

If you depend on our #relay my dear #mastoadmin folks, and have a GitHub account, chiming in on how this will impact you would be appreciated. If you’re unsure how it will impact you, I’ll sum it up: no more relay 😣

I'm testing stuff regarding authorized_fetch, but I would need a mastodon server that has it turned on. Know any?

#ArtemisApp iOS TestFlight is ready for public download!

Play Store is still pending. Will followup after.

File bugs in our issue tracker:

Locked to for now until /kbin apis goes live. Lemmy support is nearly done but fixing some bugs before rolling that out.

#ios #kbin #kbinapp #threadiverse

@RL_Dane I’m using Odoo for my business and I’m quite happy with it. It’s open core though

ME: The Earth is 71% water
ME: And practically all of that water is uncarbonated
SCIENTIST: Okay, sure. Not sure where you're going with this but
ME: So the Earth is flat
ME: ...
SCIENTIST: Listen here you little shit

CoreWeave just took out a $2.3 billion loan, collateralized against their GPU stockpile … and will use the facility to … buy more GPUs. This is fine. 🫠

@raphael Then just do it! It will probably break stuff, but I will fix those things when they break, and will be more resilient as a result 😁

@raphael One simple heuristic that would prevent from going down with the load is a heuristic in your project that would only auto-import accounts that have let's say 100k+ followers, that would avoid creating a long tail of proxy

@raphael Exactly! I am not considering that kind of architecture right now, as there are a lot of simpler options to scale this.

Scaling it is mostly just time I have to put in the project, but time is limited since I also have a programming job during the day

@raphael I have some things I want to tweak this weekend that I think will allow me to squeeze more work out of the servers I have right now, but yes I think I will have to add another server this month with the current growth.

Also I have a kubernetes cluster now, so adding more servers got much easier!

@raphael That would be okay with me. Not importing accounts that are not active anymore would be great, but an optimization that fetches accounts that almost never posts or that are followed by a single person less often is something that is needed on my end anyway!

The error rate on accounts lookup is also high right now, so keep that in mind

@raphael I get rated limited on profiles lookup right now. I'll have to figure out an alternative way to get the information I want, or add more servers to spread the crawling on more IPs. I have some ideas for profiles especially, but people figuring things out about the twitter internal api and sending me them is always useful

Demand is very high for, I optimize things almost every weekend, but by the end of the week, more optimizations are needed! 🙃

“The reason most public transportation is seen as ‘losing’ money is precisely because it charges for trips. If you don't charge fares, suddenly it can't ‘lose’ money. It just costs money, the same as the roads.”

This random comment has given me my new favourite argument for removing fares from public transit.

#Steam On Linux #Usage Spikes To Nearly 2% In July, Larger Marketshare Than Apple #macOS

-- @amd also now commands a 69% CPU marketshare among Linux gamers.

Happy August! Here are the top 20 games of the past month, sorted by playtime. What have you been playing?

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