@vincent I am working on a twitter-to-bird.makeup importer and I have some questions:

1) Are you okay with that? Would it be too bad if you suddenly have some hundreds of users, each of them importing hundreds to thousands of twitter profiles?

2) What would be a reasonable request rate? Is something like Mastodon's built-in rate limits (300 requests / 5min window) ok?


3) it seems that I get an error for any profile your server hasn't seen before. I tried checking the user page and expected a 404, but that seems to trigger an error as well. Is there any workaround and/or how can I help you fix it?

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4) The "service load" seems to be increasing. How can I help with some processing power? Is this just a matter of "send me some cash to pay for some workers", or would it require more work on your end?

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@raphael I have some things I want to tweak this weekend that I think will allow me to squeeze more work out of the servers I have right now, but yes I think I will have to add another server this month with the current growth.

Also I have a kubernetes cluster now, so adding more servers got much easier!

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