@todd Are there plans for librem tunnel on desktop (linux)?

@vincent @todd There is already a application for for Tunnel in PureOS. At the moment it requires pipx to be installed but we are working to package it as *.deb.

These are the installation and configuration instructions:

They where made for PureOS, but with small adaptations it can work in other Debian based disributions. And with bigger adaptations, it can run in other non debian based GNU/Linux distros

@joao @todd Very nice! That's exactly what I needed. It works great on my Ubuntu 19.04.

@vincent @todd Nice! Did the instructions worked out of the box in ubuntu 19.04? Or did you needed to adapt them? Or install extra dependencies?

@joao @todd Worked as is! I did have already a bunch of python libs already preinstalled for work though. It defaulted to somewhere pretty far away from me, so I changed the proxy url to another one here ( ) and that also worked directly too. Could the script install every option in one go? That would have been convenient!

@vincent The application will improve over time with developement.

If you wish you can open an issue here:

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