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What not to do kids:


What not do to either:


Just don't smoke. It's so hard to quit.

The Netherlands wants to get rid of cash. Good if you ask me, but not the way they want to. Why? We need Crypto or free software alternatives for banks. Money, digitally, needs to be trusted.

I feel somehow like Lindisfarne, Infocom, Whole Earth, Internet Archive, Xanadu, early Creative Computing... Mastodon... all have the same soul. Something wide eyed and starry, techno-mystical. William Irwin Thompson was ex-MIT so maybe the Infocom part is not as much of a stretch as it seems.

And it's a song wired into my blood too.

But Modern Silicon Valley does not attract me one bit. Amazon and Uber and stack ranking oh hell no. No. That is NOT the future we dreamed of.

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Oke @purism something is wrong with Librem Social for Android, because if I reload toots some dissapear to come back later.

Any fix available?

Best thing about being free from work and school? Having plenty of time to do other things.

Worst thing? Being bored.

Next week on The Lunduke Show:

Full video reviews (with hands-on demonstrations) of Microsoft Windows 1.0, 2.03, 2.1, 3.0, & 3.11.



1. see something nice when going about your day
2. write about it
3. revel in the fact that we are all just people
4. give emotional support and validation to others who write about that nice thing they saw today

Fuck this shit. I've got e-mail accounts just for this: if you wanna use our Wi-Fi, give us your e-mail for marketing.

Gonna delete that e-mail so it's a dead end.

What browser?

Actually planning to (at least try and) make this program. Don't get your hopes up just yet!

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Never gonna give you up,

Never gonna let you down,

O shit I did it, just now!

It continues: "One reason DRM persists is that it remains relatively hidden from the consumer. Amazon and other ebook stores do offer some non-DRM titles but don’t make the distinctions clear. And Perzanowski’s research has shown that a “sizable percentage” of shoppers think that clicking Buy Now entitles them to similar ownership privileges of digital goods—lending, gift-giving, and more—as their physical counterparts."

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To make it easier for people that know me IRL to find me, I'm actually going to use my IRL name + profile picture on Mastodon now.

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Another thing I miss about Facebook was that most people I know IRL are on there as well. It was really easy to get in contact with someone I just met, just look him/her up and you've got a chat mate. Now I just have to chat with strangers or people I've met earlier online. Not that it is a bad thing, but just different. Still need to get used to it.

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One of the things I really loved about Facebook was the ability to chat. I'm really looking forward to a website were I can log into my Mastodon and a XMPP/Matrix (or whatever) client at the same time.

My time line on the right and my chats on the left.

Maybe I just need to develop this myself.

What not to do kids:


What not do to either:


Just don't smoke. It's so hard to quit.

Do you delete your cookies daily (good boy!) but you are tired of being harassed with #cookie's banners on your favourite sites?

This #uBlock list is for you:

#Privacy and comfort go hand in hand.


It's almost 10 pm and this light outside.

God I love summer sometimes.

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