While some of the new users from Twitter are discovering the wonders of in the , I hope that perhaps they would like to try some alternatives to messaging? Might I recommend creating an or account. Ask around to find a local server (there's lots).

Some clients to look at once you've created a new account:

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@terryenglish It's not a thing, it's a creature! 🐲

@terryenglish Willing to look at "American" CEOS

* Fakebook CEO - Mark Zuckerberg (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Whatsapp CEO - Jan Koum (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Discord CEO - Jason Citron (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Imgur -Alan Schaaf (Ashkenazi Jew)

* ODYSEE CEO - Jeremy Kauffman - (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Gettr - Jason Miller - (Ashkenazi Jew)

* DDG CEO - Gabriel Weinberg (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Signal - Moxie Marlinspike (Ashkenazi Jew)(Resigned Jan 2022)

* Rumble CEO ((( Chris Pavlovski ))) (Ashkenazi Jew)

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