After some thought, I replaced the .pushState() to .replaceState() in my infinite scroll implementation. This works more like people would expect, plus removes having to deal with the Back button. (

I’m unsure why it took me so long, but I finally added the Bridgy target URLs to my posts. This should facilitate easier syndication to other social networks, though only for Twitter and Mastodon for now. (

Despite the potential downsides, I’ve determined that infinite scrolling makes sense for my site and decided to implement it. (

I’ve looked over Mike Roibu’s post, Infinite Scrolling Pagination in Hugo Website. More or less I like the idea of it, and I’m trying to flesh out an idea for how I want to paginate for my site. (

Hugo provides many search options for static sites on their page, which led me to Lunr. I searched for more blog posts about implementation, but none of them were satisfactory to me; many relied on other libraries that I didn’t want to add. So, I made my own! (

I worked on the HTML and CSS of the Search Results page instead of implementing the JavaScript part of Lunr.js. At least it looks okay? Everything else is left, though. (

Breadcrumbs added. I get it’s not that interesting of an addition, but there it is. Next goal: get my own search feature using probably Lunr.js.

Man, I like the idea of having the images on my site be lazy loaded, but I don’t like the idea of depending on JavaScript for it, or any of the ways to fall back at the moment if someone chooses (because of browser choices, privacy concerns, or what-have-them) to disable JavaScript.

RDFa Validator: Your nodes all check out!
Google SDTT: So MaNy ErRoRs; YoU’rE a FaIlUrE!
Me: *internal screaming*

After some tidying I’ve finished merging ‘flights’ into my ‘master’ branch, thus finishing an ability to post Flights from my website. While the initial presentation of data is sparse, this lays the groundwork to owning my flight data instead of relying on a third service to store and present it.

MyFlightradar24 is the only silo–if it can be counted as one–that I consistently use. Its presentation of my flight data is wonderful, but I feel like I could do it myself on my own site. Today, I’ve opened up my flights branch so I can finally sort out what I need to make this happen!:

It’s almost been a week and I still get a Headache-Fever-Pain Triple Whammy. Thankfully it’s not like I can’t get anything done or work on things, but it makes focus so difficult. I cannot wait to actually feel normal again.

I’ve added a search bar to my site’s main navigation that’s powered by DuckDuckGo. Its styling doesn’t look quite right to me when on a desktop, though, and while it looks more at-home on mobile it also doesn’t feel quite correct. Perhaps, though, I’m being overcritical.

Add the Webmention Sending Form to all Single Page Content Templates. While in theory it will send the webmention to, I don’t know what happens afterwards. The best test would probably be to just try it and see. Until then I’ll keep it branched before I merge the changes into my site.

I’ve sorted out how to have Hugo resize images larger than 1,080 pixels in width/height, and also started using HTML Tidy to clean up my generated pages. They weren’t itches I knew I had earlier this month, but they’re scratched now.

So, reviewing my symptoms I got two days ago I’m 95% sure I got the flu. While I really want to go to see friends I don’t see often, I can’t in good conscience go to when I could become a Patient Zero. And all this makes me a sad (red) panda.

It’s only been about a month since I’ve had my new domain up and a website created using Hugo, but already I feel like I got a lot done with it.:

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