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A bit of a rest week this week. The only trip I have is an easy three day turn to/from Las Vegas. This gives me plenty of time to just enjoy a few days off, plan out my holiday purchases, and find a room to crash for Midwest FurFest (

Hurrah, webmentions are now displayed! My implementation of it for my site is done during Hugo’s static generation, so alack new mentions are not displayed in real time. Yet. Maybe soon? (

So much metadata, but now all the posting types have additional metadata in the form of OpenGraph (Facebook), Twitter Cards (Twitter), and (Google). But man, that was a total slog to actually make sure it all works. (

Sister and sister’s boyfriend offered to take me here for the first time. It was actually pretty delicious, though the ambiance was a bit more active and noisier than I would’ve preferred. Good energy, though, and delicious (albeit on the salty side) food and wine. (

Just added ‘View on Silo’ links. Currently it reads a syndication link of a post. If it recognizes the host it will show a link with ‘View on…’ as a title attribute and text. It’d be nicer if it was more actionable than that, but that’s a next step. Also, there’s a mysterious margin on the Timeline for the buttons and I can’t sort out which property is affecting it.

I added taxonomies to my site! To do it I did a bit of creative fooling around (oh murr) with Hugo and the HTML `details` tag to show/hide my site’s sections (called Types on my site) and tags. Next up: show a ‘View on Twitter/Mastodon’ button.

After thinking about the goals I wanted for my online presence, I went to the IndieWeb site and sorted through the process of getting myself on the Indie Web.:

Twitter/Mastodon syndication is a little odd. Mainly my check-ins are showing up as photos without `h-geo` information being forwarded, and photo summaries arent showing up as expected. Thinking is required.

Been a while hanging with crew. I don’t do it often, but when I can it’s pretty darn great. This Chili’s, though, offered 2-4-1 drinks at the bar, so it was a good place to chill after work.

Mary and Joseph. Angelfire still exists and offers free websites, except it’s everything from its past glory _plus HTML5_! Why would I need WP/Hugo/Angular/AMP when I could have _Angelfire Site Builder_?!

Finished check-ins. I’m utilizing Leaflet for an interactive map on single pages and a static image as a fallback, for feeds, and for microformat consumption. This brings my list of types of postable content to 6: Check-Ins, Likes, Notes (equivalent to Toots/Tweets, Re-Post-able), Photo (singular, more like Instagram, Re-Post-able), Posts (blog post/article, Re-Post-able), and Replies.

Third day of bad sleep. After working red-eyes consistently, it’s always hard to get back into a normal schedule of things. Been failing at just taking a morning nap and there’s an early show tomorrow. Eff.

I went through some older DAT posts and imported them into my site. Originally I had posts as single DAT archives and only accessible through Beaker Browser. I’ve lost the one-DAT-per-post mentality, but now it’s accessible through whichever means you can reach my URL.

Finished setting up Hugo for my static site. Beforehand I was pretty determined on just doing everything by hand. Until, well, I spent more time updating HTML than creating content. I’m glad I did this sooner than later.

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