I worked on the HTML and CSS of the Search Results page instead of implementing the JavaScript part of Lunr.js. At least it looks okay? Everything else is left, though. (sentamal.in/photos/doing-every)

Add the Webmention Sending Form to all Single Page Content Templates. While in theory it will send the webmention to Webmention.io, I don’t know what happens afterwards. The best test would probably be to just try it and see. Until then I’ll keep it branched before I merge the changes into my site.

Sister and sister’s boyfriend offered to take me here for the first time. It was actually pretty delicious, though the ambiance was a bit more active and noisier than I would’ve preferred. Good energy, though, and delicious (albeit on the salty side) food and wine. (sentamal.in/check-ins/coopers-)

Been a while hanging with crew. I don’t do it often, but when I can it’s pretty darn great. This Chili’s, though, offered 2-4-1 drinks at the bar, so it was a good place to chill after work.

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