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@mobian will it run on or do we need some modifications first. Well on PineTab could be a default be a nice try.
Still waiting for the tab to be shipped

And again..... We hope the will be shipped next week...

And again we have to wait longer to get our hands on the from @PINE64. 😢
Well it's ok to me to wait, but it's a bit annoying the date changes everytime when you think it will be shipped now.

Hoping will arrive this week... Will it run with a default ? This would be great

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That brings me to something else: I started initial work on a @PINE64 #PinePhone/(GNU)/Linux Mobile app list, but .. I doubt Jekyll is the right CMS for the job. A wiki maybe? But which Wiki software would be suitable? Or is there special software available? (Boosts welcome)

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@androidpolice picked #Mobian as their one favorite distro out of 17 for the #Pinephone.
Psst, don't tell anyone.... but it's our favorite one too! 😜

@PINE64 @corbin

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If proprietary code were higher quality than free software, you wouldn't have to spend so much time "cleaning it up" before open sourcing it.

Well seems as if @mobian (the project bringing with to the ) is on Mastodon now.

Seems as if we have too wait another month for the of to arrive ... Well then...

Btw, I had the first crash of on my in combination with the year 2115 problem. After the switch off the date/time the soc became really hot and after switching off the display it did not react to anything.
Had to kill it.
This is an annoying bug

After a full workday my has 27% battery left... That's ok for me. But to be honest I haven't done much with it during the day

Tried on my and it runs a lot faster than atm. Really impressed. It's also more stable to me. Mobian crashed nearly all the time after short usage the last days. Arch runs without any crash till now. And the new makes the battery drain much slower. Really nice.

I hate this autocorrections in combination with the situation as you can't edit your toots....

Think I'll setup a Server for . Tried it out and it seems ok. Took me some time to get federation running, but the big issue is being a own irc-bridge, as the one from seems to be unreliable.

I really like the way goes, bringing with to the .
Still for me it behaves unstable. It seems to have issues with suspend, sometimes not responding and getting really hot. Phosh dies and kills all open apps. Freezes of the phone.
I really hope those problems will be solved in software and my phone has no hardware flaws.

things out is a time machine.... just changed the date to august 2115. Very strange.... Have you experienced this too?

I am wondering if my from @PINE64 has hardware issues. All systems I have tested were unstable. I know that all software is work in progress but I read a lot of people being happy with their devices, but mine freezes all the time. All systems tested froze.
Sometimes it runs an hour or so, sometimes just few minutes. That's so frustrating...

Ich bin ja für die Abschaffung des Begriffs . Das klingt negativ. Wir sollten es lieber nennen, angelehnt an die Begrifflichkeit des statt .

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