@blabber ja es ist halt Mist, dass mittlerweile irgendwie alles von Internet abhängt...

@nitrokey can it run 3840x1600 @ 60Hz without issues? I am running some older devices, but they all can only run it at 30Hz.

@nitrokey yes! I have a Nitrokey2 and am waiting for the Nitrokey3 😁

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Please vote and retoot!

@nitrokey Would you like to give us a teaser for the next NitroKey?

@nitrokey I like it! Having the chance to get this kind of hardware in Germany without shipping it from the US is a great step!

@nitrokey thanks for your reply. Maybe you could think about enabling external USB3 devices for optional RAID. I think this could make the box interesting to more users.

@nitrokey can the box handle RAID configurations? Having a datasink without redundancy can be risky.

@pkimpton nice to see you are still hanging around

@kyle Most adult users really behave like children, and I think most of them really want them vendor to protect them this way

@linmob well that's really true.... But those days you could not have a true Linux-phone on your pocket (well as mine is unusable I can't be that happy but ok...). So new times bring advantages and disadvantages and without progress we would all be sitting on our fire in our cave...
We just have to use our chances... 😁

@linmob I think because communication needs at least two participants, and most people use those proprietary messengers... So using matrix is nice. Selecting your friends by messenger is a way to go... Not even the best I think. You can also become such an annoying person trying to convert anybody to your philosophy... Or just try to get this stuff running... At best by using matrix-Bridges.

@dennix @blabber hehe, ähnlich bei uns... Nur wer setzt sich da eine halbe Stunde hin und hört sich das an?

As my UBPorts by @PINE64 had from the beginning some hardware issues I think about giving the upgrade a try... But with shipping it will be again over 100€ without knowing if it will be stable hardware after the change.
I'd like to have solid hardware but I don't want to throw the money away... And if it will not solve the problems it's a pity

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What's a bit strange about the atm is the app you need for TOTP on your computer. Yes it's available on the repos of most major distributions, but it's still a bit foreign.
Don't know if you can use it (beside using it for mail with ) on mobile phones.... I'll stay on the notebook for the moment.

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