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Save Big On Librem 14 & Librem Mini. With the code PRIVACYFIRST. Standard orders ship within 10 business days. Shop with us here ➡️

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phosh 0.20.0~beta3 is out 🚀📱 :

It fixes many bugs on our road to 0.20.0.

Check out the full release notes at for details.


Creating laptops, servers, mini pcs, security tokens, and phones that are convenient to use that fully respect your freedom, security, and privacy is only possible because of the immense support we get. Read this latest update by founder and CEO, Todd Weaver.

PRIVACYFIRST coupon gives you $100 off. Based off of the success of the recent promotion, we are extending the $100 off on Librem 14, until stock runs out. We received an amazing response to the Summer Sale, and we’d like to thank our customers, community and supporters! Standard orders are shipping within 10 business days!

Purism President @kyle will be giving a talk on "Snitching on Apps That Snitch On You" during the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE). SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area.

We respect your
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📌 anonymity ➡️ don't track your personally identifiable info
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We also always want to hear from you about what marketing approaches you find creepy and how you feel about our current approach ➡️

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Anti-interdiction is a unique service that you won’t find just about anywhere else. We are almost caught up with all Librem 5 USA orders, and a surprising percentage of those have added anti-interdiction. Read on to know if you need it for your Librem phone.

Privacy and security go hand in hand. Privacy is not one-size-fits-all. You need layers of defense that put you in control of your data, so you can consent to how it is used, says President of Purism, @kyle.

Great news! We are extending the $100 off on Librem 14, until stock runs out. In addition, we have decided to offer $60 off on Librem Mini, till the current inventory runs out. We can ship these in-stock products, within 10 business days for standard orders. Use promo code PRIVACYFIRST to check out.

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It's pretty ☀️ here at so let's have automatic switching to HighContrast theme in (based on the ambient light sensor) so one doesn't have to toggle it manually when moving to the talks inside.


Curious about whether you need Anti-Interdiction on your new Librem 14 laptop? President of Purism @kyle details some of the most common Anti-Interdiction options our customers choose ➡️

Each person not only faces different threats, the threats they face can change. Security needs to be flexible, and should be capable of offering strong protection by default, and extra protection when needed in a crisis. Balance and flexibility is important and in this post @kyle
will provide a few examples of how one can use our security measures to adapt to changing threats🔒 🔑

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Read the interview with Guido Günther, a developer at Purism, on how the free and convergent #PureOS system and the #Phosh graphical environment merge the phone and desktop experience into one, and how they benefit mobile device users.

Thanks to the kind work of our volunteer translators, you can also read it in Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.

@agx @purism

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"Fani: I have seen references about #sustainability in #Librem5. At the #FSFE we are also dealing with sustainability in software. What do you understand as a sustainable technology? [..]

Guido: For me, technology that has been produced with sustainability in mind allows the user to replace software and parts, as well as #repair the device over a long period of time without special equipment. [..] having free drivers is a requirement for sustainability."
@fsfe @agx @purism

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Lees het interview met Guido Günther, een ontwikkelaar bij Purism, over hoe het gratis en convergerende #PureOS systeem en de #Phosh grafische omgeving de telefoon- en desktop ervaring samenvoegen in één en hoe ze gebruikers van mobiele apparaten ten goede komen.
#VrijeSoftware #FSFE
@agx @purism @fsfe

We've extended the sale on Librem 14, because you loved $100 off. Use promo code PRIVACYFIRST to order yours till stocks run out. Order now and share the LINK ➡️

Our teams continue to improve and develop the Librem 5 software and functionality. Let's dive a bit more into the technical aspects of how all the gears interlock to make VOIP work in Calls 📱

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