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Consent Matters: When Tech Shares Your Secrets Without Your Permission Choose services that have no advertising, tracking or data sharing to begin with. Choose Librem One

: Free International Shipping and $400 (USD) off Librem 13 v4 laptops with UK and DE keyboards. Get the laptop designed to protect your digital life, while stocks last

The Librem 5 team were busy in August: We have a shiny new user friendly terminal and a faster and more stable keyboard. Read the update blog post to find out about all the changes we’ve made

How To Promote Real Social Good - "We believe that consumers who really care about their freedom, privacy, and security, or other issues like climate change, seek out companies like ours that exist, first and foremost, to do something important that can better people’s lives."

Find out more about the design principles of Librem One: Simple, Secure Applications - “The primary appeal of Librem One is that you get privacy without sacrificing convenience.”

Did you know: & support up to 32GB of RAM. What a great reason to take advantage of our sale on UK and German keyboard models. Get the base version for $999 and use those savings to get more ram and a large SSD

August 2019 Update final push before the imminent launch, polishing the most critical apps: calls, messages, web browser, shell and Initial Setup, Contacts and Settings for mobile

People want convenient products that respect them by default, that they can trust will not exploit them, that allow them to participate in digital society with peace of mind, knowing they are in complete control.

Creating an ethical, convenient alternative to is everything stands for. As a Social Purpose Corporation, we design -focused hardware combined with freedom-respecting software and services: our hardware, and Librem One

The Librem Key and Laptop do something no other hardware can, easily detect whether your BIOS has been tampered with – the ultimate solution

Did you know that contributes to several free software projects such as GNOME, wlroots and Debian? We've also made dozens of patches to the kernel (5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.20) for the Librem 5 and our other hardware

We partnered with GDquest who will be making a series of tutorials, explaining how to make adaptive games with high-quality libre game engine Godot; tutorials showing how games can both be created and released on the Librem 5 smartphone, and later submitted to the PureOS store.

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Who's gaming or developing games on their Librem Laptop and what are you playing or creating?

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