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How To Promote Real Social Good - "We believe that consumers who really care about their freedom, privacy, and security, or other issues like climate change, seek out companies like ours that exist, first and foremost, to do something important that can better people’s lives."

@purism oh please remove "climate change", you are not cool or anything, you are just spreading a political agenda.

@alexl @purism Why would it be wrong for a company to mention climate change? It is a topic that many people care deeply about. Even if it is not important to you individually, Purism seems to think that people will appreciate knowing if a company is taking action to be sustainable. If you don't like that then this may be a good indication that Purism is not the right company for you to give money to. Just spend your votes/money on a company that more closely aligns with your beliefs.

@dextervolkman @purism

Promoting FOSS = promoting decentralization.

Assuming climate change is true = promoting centralization.

"Be sustainable" in this regime = be a big corporation.

Mentioning climate change = "hey we are cool, we care, love us".

@alexl @purism That is a really interesting perspective. Why do you equate belief in climate change with centralization? Using solar energy and batteries to create a decentralized power grid is one example where sustainable practice can break up centralized systems.

I do agree that there are many who simply use climate issues as a form of virtue signalling in order to ship more product. I hope that Purism is genuinely interested in the causes they speak about but only time will tell.

@dextervolkman @purism

If you look in actual and future laws you will see that this global warming hoax is used to favor large companies that can afford to be "sustainable" and disadvantage small businesses.

Please note that "sustainable" in terms of CO2 emissions has nothing to do with pollution. There are many small companies fighting against the real pollution that are (and will be even more in the future) damaged by absurd laws on CO2.


@dextervolkman @purism

Instead large corporations will continue to be free to pollute if they comply with laws on reducing CO2 emissions. And CO2 is not even a pollutant.

This "climate change" (global warming theory) hoax is the death of environmentalism.

At Purism they are only following this fashion.


@alexl @purism You and I clearly get information from different sources. I find it fascinating how strongly people defend views I do think are right. We all get our ideas by listening to others, I wonder who you learn from that makes the ideas you express seem more plausible to you than the ideas that I believe. Thanks for sharing an unpopular opinion! I think you are wrong but that's alright, the world needs all sorts of people and I think diversity and freedom of thought is valuable.

@alexl @purism To be clear, I *do* assume that climate change is a fact. I've come to that assumption largely because people I read and sources I trust have shown me a compelling case. I respect that you have trust different sources and have therefore come to a different conclusion. Being strangers, we will not change each others minds. I'm just really intrigued by the idea that there is so much information out there that two semi-rational people can come to such opposing conclusions.

@dextervolkman @purism

"Semi-rational people"? This is an insult.

I'm an Information Engineer and an activist for Environment and animals and workers rights.

I studied the papers on climate change. I came to my conclusions alone. You admitted to believing others. So you are another victim of the neo-positivist ideology and therefore you have an irrational trust in institutions.


@dextervolkman @purism

If you want to discuss about climate change, I am here, let's take the model of your choice and discuss it. But first can I know your educational qualifications to properly discuss this topic?


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