Why Librem Tunnel is Leaving iOS

"Recently we’ve been forced to remove Librem Tunnel from iOS due to their unfair policies and in this post we’ll explain why."

@purism doesn't make sense why no give librem tunnel users the open vpn cents and keypads file and let them install librem tunnel via open vpn app. I tried that in iOS and doesn't work either, why would that not work??

@goatwildernesscollective @purism I use the openvpn app on my Linux and windows machines using librem tunnel's .ovpn config. I don't have an iOS device but I would expect it should work as long as iOS supports openvpn apps. Checkout, especially the "librem one > generic" section on how to setup openvpn for librem tunnel

Convince Epic to create the ultimate player phone based on Purism 😁

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