Introducing: Fund Your App

Vote for the mobile phone apps you desire to see working on the phone!

"Fund Your App is a great way to show how far we have come with the Librem 5 and PureOS, it also allows people to vote on what is our app development priority."

I love this! What I'm wondering is how much money do you need and how many people need to click "Hold my order" in order for me to get my Librem 5 phone this year 😜.

@purism desktop or mobile?
Definitely want ciano and newpipe. :blobcat:

@purism I tried three different times late yesterday to donate, each with a different CC, only to get the same error every time. "Unable to process transaction at this time"

@purism I see that GNOME Maps has been added now -- great!

@purism Así se vería el sistema final? Si es así sería asombroso :catjam:

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