Introducing: Librem AweSIM

Unlimited cellular plan that works with the

- as a service
- A new phone number registered in Purism's name
- Unlimited talk / text / data
- No contracts, cancel anytime

All for just $99/month

Learn more:

@purism I thought Purism mentioned they were going to do internet voip/sip service for getting a phone number rather than traditional phone service. Todd mentioned that everything would go over the data connection so that someone could get any SIM card with data and treat it like a “dump pipe.” Disappointed to see this is no longer the case, especially for an overpriced phone plan instead.

Exactly. I was (and still am) really hoping to transfer my Google voice number to some Librem One voice service, but seeing this makes me worry about the solvency of @purism .
Paying $35/month for unlimited with T-mobile, but maybe I'd consider this **if** my carrier starting sending me targetted ads. (Number porting is a must though, maintaining 2 phone numbers is hard enough)

@purism this looks interesting, can ability to create virtual number be added? (Giving out not real number while signing up for services/websites etc.)

.@purism Too bad you didn't incorporate (it's open source) then you wouldn't need to rely on any voice or SMS channels.

@purism Jeez. I like where this is heading :D As someone who is living in a country that requires all cellphone customers to be identified, I wonder if this is even legal??


It works with the Librem 5? Cool... but when can we actually buy a Librem 5?

"Pre-order. Place your order now, get it in approximately 6 months!"

@John If you want one-size-fits-all mass produced stuff, buy a Pixel.

@purism What happened to the Librem Dial? Is it still a thing or has it been replaced by the AweSIM?

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