backers in the Birch batch have started sharing unboxing photos (attached CC-BY 2.0) videos and positive early impressions thank you to all our supporters for your patience and excitement 😀

@purism so, the blog posts in 3 parts “The Sad Saga of Purism and the Librem 5” is now officially wrong? 😉

@purism wondering how hard it will be to import stuff from ubuntu touch... (I am in one of the March or April batches, I think)

@m0n5t3r @purism Why should someone port ubuntu touch stuff if you could run the original linux desktop apps (some touch optimized some not (yet)) - for example the official telegram - directly ?

@scops @purism I was talking about data, mainly, not apps.

I definitely prefer installing stuff with apt-get instead of having to wait for weirdo click packages, but if I have to copy my contacts by hand it would be quite tedious ;)

Anyway, I'd expect most "desktop" apps won't work on a phone due to eating tons of memory and handling touch badly. Definitely not electron stuff :D

@m0n5t3r @purism yeah electron stuff would be very bad; telegram uses qt. Hm i sync my contacts with carddav on sfos. Maybe you could transfer it the same way? I dont know ubports enough :)

@Daniel Not so. Each part of that post could still be true. Don't get me wrong though; I WANT PURISM TO SUCCEED! The main issue the post reveils is an issue with company structure and transperancy. The main claim of that article is that purism choose to make false claims about deliveries of their Aspen batch in order to grow hipe because they are relying on preorders to fund their company.

Until the leakers come out and reveal themselves, all of the claims could be false. I, myself, am still concerned about said claims, and although I'm happy that they are starting to ship the birch batch, I remain skeptic. We cannot accept a lack of transperancy from a company that we want to trust our life data with. According to the article, Purism still hasn't released financial information required by Washington State law.

I'm excited that they are finally getting phones out!
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