backers in the Birch batch have started sharing unboxing photos (attached CC-BY 2.0) videos and positive early impressions thank you to all our supporters for your patience and excitement 😀

@purism wondering how hard it will be to import stuff from ubuntu touch... (I am in one of the March or April batches, I think)

@m0n5t3r @purism Why should someone port ubuntu touch stuff if you could run the original linux desktop apps (some touch optimized some not (yet)) - for example the official telegram - directly ?

@scops @purism I was talking about data, mainly, not apps.

I definitely prefer installing stuff with apt-get instead of having to wait for weirdo click packages, but if I have to copy my contacts by hand it would be quite tedious ;)

Anyway, I'd expect most "desktop" apps won't work on a phone due to eating tons of memory and handling touch badly. Definitely not electron stuff :D

@m0n5t3r @purism yeah electron stuff would be very bad; telegram uses qt. Hm i sync my contacts with carddav on sfos. Maybe you could transfer it the same way? I dont know ubports enough :)

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