Ever wanted to know more about the software we use, adapted and built to get (/#Linux, ), and more running on mobile? Great 😀 let’s start with our very own

We created libhandy to make it quick and easy to adapt existing + apps to run on a mobile screen and most of the time all you need to do is simply inherit from different classes and you app is ready to run on a phone.

Sounds like magic right? Well we wanted to make sure it is easy as possible to get your favorite desktop apps running on your phone! We can’t wait to see what the community does with it 😀

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We recently launched our libhandy developer reference manual which includes a visual index of widgets

What are your favorite GNU/Linux apps or services you’d like to see on the ?

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RedReader, SMSSecure/Silence, Waterfox, Discord and Telegram. A fast Twitter and Mastodon client would be nice too, especially for Twitter, as MY, the official Twitter web client is one of the slowest, most annoying web apps I have seen, and tends to use up all my RAM.

@purism On Librem5 i'd like to see latest stable Firefox and Signal Messenger (apt signal-desktop) and Monero-GUI ( and FreeTube ( and Steam ( 😃

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