"The Librem 5 is unlike anything else on the market. Not only is it one of the only smartphones on Earth that doesn't ship with Android, a fork of Android, or iOS—Purism's commitment to 100% open software, with no binary blobs..."

"The OS is the Free Software Foundation endorsed by PureOS, a Linux distribution that, in this case, has been reworked with a mobile UI. Purism says it will provide updates for the "lifetime" of the device, which would be a stark contrast to the two years of updates you get with an Android phone."

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"Selling a smartphone is a cutthroat business, and we've seen dozens of companies try and fail over the years. Purism didn't just survive long enough to ship a product—it survived in what is probably the hardest way possible, by building a non-Android phone with demands that all the hardware components use open code. Making it this far is an amazing accomplishment."

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@adam @purism
KaiOS likely relies on some non-free parts (drivers?). Else, it could also apply to be listed as 100% free software by the FSF.

@adam @purism and then there's also Jolla with SailfishOS 😎

@purism @NeonRevolt my iphone now shows the 5g icon, and i can literally feel radiated heat emanating from it.

@purism I need a signal and (matrix) client, then I am ready to buy one of the later batches! I am rooting for you!

@alex @purism One of their base services (separate from the hardware), is Librem Chat via That is a fork of the Matrix capable Riot client. That's in their free package along with Librem Social; Mastodon. It's available to people no matter what hardware you have. Their eMail and VPN are a subscription-based service for what seems like fairly obvious reasons.

@wnymathguy @alex the Librem One team are working on a Librem Chat client for the Librem 5. There is also Fractal from GNOME which scales well on a mobile UI.

@purism @wnymathguy Does the Librem Chat client also work with accounts on other matrix servers like

@alex @purism Hard to say. I haven't toyed much with Matrix & Riot yet. My first experience was the Librem fork of Riot for Android. Their's an active forum that you can search for those conversations:

I recall people on Librem Chat in one of the rooms discussing how to make some linking work between the regular Matrix servers and the Purism type ones. I didn't pay much attention to that yet though, so all I can say was I recall people saying they couldn't and others saying they did.
@JarlavGrenlandUpir @purism They are building it towards the "Convergence" model so I think it should easily connect to a USB or Bluetooth keyboard.

They are rare and now that the blackberry/TCL partnership is over (from what I hear) we won't see any new blackberrys for the for see able future.

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