@purism FriendlyElec NanoPi Duo (Armbian) in custom build ex-Outernet-Receiver-Box, Qnap NAS and Toughbook CF-19 (Ubuntu at the moment) for Linux development, Android debugging and other misc stuff i can't do with macOS.

@purism Fedora 30 with GNOME. No other desktop is fluid enough for me...

@purism BTW I use arch with i3wm. Learning to code at uni, gaming, and configuration that's the most important part.

@purism Reborn OS (tried PureOS but couldn't get the ancient WiFi card working) with stock GNOME. Recently switched from Firefox to Epiphany, very pleasantly surprised.


*Which* Linux set up?

Traditional tower (NAS, server)
Laptop (daily driver)
Various pi (server backup, and slowly coalescing server cluster, plus a toy)
Various not-thought-of-as-linux-devices: washing/drying clothes, storing food, cooking food, phone/text, thermostat, media center…

@purism Pop!_OS on my Librem 13. Gaming, writing, gaming, coding, and some gaming 😉 (with a little love for @eff on the case).

@nmillerche @eff and some more gaming I hope ;) we are so happy you are enjoying your Librem 13!

@purism Debian/Gnome3 for the desktop (need nonfree for the hardware unfortunately), PureOS on the Librem 13. Also using an Adafruit trinket m0 ruler for use as media keys for the laptop. Used for dev, typesetting, experiments, and pretty much everything else an academic does.

@purism I use a computer that I built. I installed Slackware on it and I am really loving the level of control that Slackware gives. I use the xfce desktop environment with the Greybird theme (an old version of the theme because Slackware 14.2 still uses gtk 3.18)

1 file/media server and 2 backup servers all on Ubuntu 18.04
Fedora 30 + Gnome on my laptop.
Raspian on some Raspberry Pi:s

@purism I am running #gentoo on my ThinkPad. GUI-wise it's Xfce with some KDE apps (konsole).

@purism Fedora on my thinkpad running cinnamon DE, for browsing and playing my old games in wine or dosbox, centos on my server. Fedora on my gaming rig for wow play. BTW, I want a librem laptop the only thing holding me back is an Ethernet port, I don't want to use a dongle just another thing to lose.

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