With a complete Librem One account you get 4 secure and respecting apps for and including Librem Tunnel: A virtual private network tunnel with no logging, ensuring that all your traffic is secure and shielded.

You guys need to(or hire a YouTuber) do a series of tutorials on how to use the Librem One services. Setting your account, create and using your VPN, connecting on Librem Social etc.

@micahbp @purism including how to use them on desktop OS's like linux, if they can be.

@an93lofdeath @micahbp great ideas we agree! Good video and written resources will make it easier for people to switch, use and recommend the service to friends and family so this is very important to us. We have it on our roadmap and will get to it ASAP after the Librem 5 launch.

@purism Did you build your own VPN or are you using a "white label" service?

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