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Review by our friends at the Denver Post:
Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch. t.co/1vEfs1s01j

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Reading this made my stomach twist, but it's a great lesson why you shouldn't use your phone number for two-factor authentication and most importantly why you shouldn't trust and rely on proprietary services and software, especially if it involves private and unrecoverable data like documents and photos.

"SIM swap horror story: I've lost decades of data and Google won't lift a finger" – zdnet.com/article/sim-swap-hor

#Privacy #Google

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Google's Captcha is one of the worst trackers out there - because you have to use it even if you refuse to use Google: kevv.net/you-probably-dont-nee
Fortunately, Tutanota is completely Google-free! 😃😍 tutanota.com/blog/posts/open-s

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After publishing my #Nextcloud setup guide, a couple of people asked me whether they can host on shared hosting.

TL;DR - Yes!

Here's how:

@lunduke Bryan, Have you seen this?


Any thoughts?

Is there an easier way to test a distro without setting up a full Virtualbox VM?

@lunduke Show idea:
Do a show on mobile hardware and how it differs from typical desktop/laptop computers. Also: Why one can not install any desired OS on mobile devices like the aforementioned hardware.

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Personal resolution: search for video content on Peertube/LBRY before jumping straight to invidio.us

Suggestion for Youtubers: upload your content to other platforms as well as Youtube, and encourage your viewers to watch you there instead.

As viewers, we can vote with our views by watching our favourite content creators on those platforms, and if possible make small donations to compensate for the lost ad revenue.

Tagging my favourite Free software loving Youtubers @gbryant and @lunduke

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In this free Linux Journal ebook, @kylerankin expounds on some of the lessons he's learned through the years that might be obvious to longtime sysadmins but may be news to someone just coming into this position.
linuxjournal.com/node/1340386s #devops #FOSS

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Joe Collins defends #LinuxMint from "ignorant" detractors:

You tell 'em, Joe!

He emphasizes its stability and beginner-friendliness, which is totally correct, but it's also great for experienced users. I've used Linux for ~ 15 years and did my share of distro-hopping, then happily settled on Mint a few years ago.

It is interesting to note with the recent issue that derivatives such as Palemoon and Waterfox did not experience any problems.
Is the Ubuntu of browsers? The derivative works give a better experience than the original

Question for @lunduke (others can weigh in also): Did Microsoft join the Linux Foundation to kill the Linux Desktop? They have already had to cede the server room so is this a way to make sure that they do not also lose the desktop? Windows is still a big business but shrinking as users move to other platforms (mobile, etc) as move apps move to the cloud and are therefore platform agnostic.

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