@purism @purism why does your purism social app redirect people to a YouTube video when they try to connect to the free speech instance gab.com? I thought purism was about privacy & free speech? Comment?

@purism link does not work!? 😐
(not 404, but no content)

@npettiaux @purism
For example, because it is FSF endorsed (Debian is not): gnu.org/distros/free-distros.h
And of course they can make privacy, security and convenience enhancments easier and ship improvements quicker than waiting for upstream.
Finally, the upcoming PureOS Store and the convergence goal for Librem 5 are very good reasons to have an own distro.

@danielst @purism much thanks for the explanation. I bought your new smartphone that I am eager to receive (in November as I understood). Do you sell your computers and smartphones in Europe/Belgium ? Have you any shop or distributor here ? Thanks

@npettiaux thank you for your feedback and for supporting us. We can't wait to get your Librem5 to you! We do ship internationally and are exploring Europe based distributors for the future.

@purism hello, do you have any plans to build future versions of librem laptops with the new ryzen APUs from AMD?

Man, I would love one of those but saving my pennies for a #Librem5!

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