@purism @purism why does your purism social app redirect people to a YouTube video when they try to connect to the free speech instance gab.com? I thought purism was about privacy & free speech? Comment?

@DavidBond @purism is this actually true or are u confusing them with Tusky? If Purism really did that, I'll have to drop them instantly but I don't think they'd ever do that, their business ethics are based around privacy and individual liberty.

@dixiede @purism update the app and try... when I tried to login to gab it went to a youtube video

@DavidBond @purism I'm not using the app, don't want to install it. I trust you if you say so. Can you link the youtube video? This goes directly against their declared "social purpose" articles. Look at this shit, what a bunch of hypocrites: puri.sm/about/social-purpose/

@dixiede @purism when you try to connect to gab it "rick rolls" you by sending you to Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video)

@DavidBond @purism @robcolbert yo Rob, have you seen this? David Bond is saying that apparently Purism/LibremOne is "rick rolling" its users like Tusky did when trying to log into Gab. I know you've been a fan of Purism as I've seen you advocate their smartphones. What the shit is going on here? This directly contradicts their own "social purpose"-articles: gab.com/DavidBond/posts/102406

@DavidBond @purism rickrolling their own users like bratty little children what the fuck. it's like there are no adults left in america. didn't LibremOne get into trouble because they said they weren't gonna block Gab? I was very happy to hear that. Now this? Why?

@dixiede @purism So I just found out that all these comments were leaving on their posts are not even visible. If you long out of gab and log into a regular mastodon instance none of our Commerce even show up on their posts

@DavidBond @purism that's not true. Instead of logging out, you can just open their profile in a private window and click their latest post. all our comments are there social.librem.one/@purism/1024

@purism link does not work!? 😐
(not 404, but no content)

@purism hi, I have a question about librem social: your TOS say "Purism will cooperate with lawful requests." - Is this meant in regards to US law or ALL laws worldwide? i.e. Pakistan often makes Twitter take down stuff that violates Pakistani law. Would you do that as well or are only cooperating with US law enforcement? Thanks!

@npettiaux @purism
For example, because it is FSF endorsed (Debian is not): gnu.org/distros/free-distros.h
And of course they can make privacy, security and convenience enhancments easier and ship improvements quicker than waiting for upstream.
Finally, the upcoming PureOS Store and the convergence goal for Librem 5 are very good reasons to have an own distro.

@purism hello, do you have any plans to build future versions of librem laptops with the new ryzen APUs from AMD?

Man, I would love one of those but saving my pennies for a #Librem5!

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