How the latest Purism commercial was made with entirely with GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Librem laptops.

Storyboarding, motion design, color grading, video editing... We do it all with Freedom in mind.

@purism @francois Impressive that you were able to workflow this with FOSS software in post. Nice work.

@deceptivecornbread @purism Never underestimate the power of free software and free technologies in general. Especially in term of creativity. The real limitation is our imagination.

@francois @deceptivecornbread @purism Here I was trying to get Davinci Resolve installed... Hello trying Kdenlive instead!!

@purism OH Man! You guys used #opentoonz as part of this! That's so cool!

Did you have to compile that or did you use appimage or flatpack on pure os? Or is it part of the repos?

Excellent job. It's interessting seeing the whole workflow managed in free tools. Thank you for the insight.

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