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Today we answer the age old question...

What boots faster:
- a Librem 5 smartphone running PureOS (GNU/Linux)
- or a run of the mill Android phone

Blog & MP4:


@purism To be fair: Was/Is the Librem 5 encrypted? (Android should be, by default.)

@jeybe @purism karma: +1 for critical thinking today, accomplished ✅

@rugk @purism Was it ever mentioned for encryption support?? I just assumed. Ha.

@rugk @purism not to mention pixel 3 boots in less than 10 seconds...

@purism took me around 43 sekunds to start it uo and of cause it is still making things in the background so running slow in the beginning.

@purism That boot competition wasn't really fair... although my xperia z5 compact (2015) which is supposed to be fast, takes more than a minute... So i don't know...

@purism It would be better to have videos on peertube client as well.

@purism oneplus 7 pro is much faster than that, and it costs around the same

@purism Great example for comparing apples and oranges:

- completely different hardware
- different bootloaders
- one carrier-customized, one stock
- one with bloatware, one without
- ...

@purism I don't really care about boot time, so long as it's not intentionally slow and stupid. As long as it's a device that just works like it's supposed to.

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