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So in the midst of all the police/prosecution overreach protests, Biden chooses a former prosecutor who was good at not prosecuting police abuses.

The Massive Privacy Loopholes in School Laptops

"If you are a parent who cares about can also invest in Purism products and have peace of mind that your child's data is protected while they access school services on the web..."

Original article:

Young people who choose cloth diapers, but have Keurig and Swiffer. ???

**Biology blurs line between sexes, behaviors**

"Biological sex is typically understood in binary terms: male and female. However, there are many examples of animals that are able to modify sex-typical biological and behavioral features and even change sex. A new study identifies a genetic switch in brain cells that can toggle between sex-specific states when…"

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"DSP chips are much more vulnerable to risks as they are being managed as ‘Black Boxes’ since it can be very complex for anyone other than their manufacturer to review their design, functionality or code."

And we oppose government enforcing home quarantine by forcing COVID-19 patients to wear GPS ankle shackles or download spyware to their phones.

**Past evidence supports complete loss of Arctic sea-ice by 2035**

"A new study supports predictions that the Arctic could be free of sea ice by 2035."

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Oh hey, this is pretty awesome:

"DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface"

Zombie firms are a plague that is corroding the fabric of our economies.

Could Covid-19 be an opportunity to tackle this problem?

It's published on Mutual Interest, online media #coop owned by readers and writers.

Become a founder member here and vote for your favourite articles. We distribute our funds to the writers accordingly:

My wife reminds me daily of why I'm glad I don't have a Facebook account. Its not just the conservative idiocy and racist posts from friends and relatives; it's also the stupid and banal videos/memes.

On Climate Policy, Biden's Advisers Reveal More Than His Proposals Do
Author: Max Moran

Did you know about 'git rebase --onto'?

1. You create branch1 from master
2. You create branch2 from branch1
3. PR for branch1 gets merged into master

Now you want to rebase branch2 off of the new master, so you can make a clean PR for it.

This is actually easy!

$ git checkout branch2
$ git rebase --onto origin/master branch1 branch2

This takes all the changes between branch1 and branch2 and replays them onto master, so it's as if branch2 had been branched from master.

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