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Remember that one time, when CIA Director David Petraeus told an actually quite good engineering joke?

It's true.

It actually happened.

This Day in Computer History - May 4, 2000:

ILOVEYOU worm infects 10+ Million PCs.

Fun Fact: The ILOVEYOU worm did Billions of dollars in damages... and was written because a college student in the Philippines didn't want to pay for Dial-up Internet.

Happy 42nd birthday to... Spam!

On this day, in 1978, the very first spam e-mail was sent.

- The email was all in caps (seriously).

- It was sent to all ARPANET users on the West Coast.

- It was promoting a computer.

You can read the full email here:

Happy 37th birthday to the Microsoft Mouse!

And to one of the most widely used pieces of software in history: Notepad!

They were both announced on May 2 of 1983.

Lunduke and Friends - April 25, 2020

The Nerds: Chris Titus, Gardiner Bryant, Matt Hartley, & Lunduke.

The Topics: Linux Packaging and Audio, Microsoft buying Linux Co's, & more.




Tonight on "Lunduke & Friends", I am joined by three amazing nerds:

- Matt Hartley (veteran Linux journalist)

- Gardiner Bryant (Linux-y YouTuber)

- Chris Titus (Linux-y YouTuber)

Show starts at 9pm Pacific. Bring your nerdy, Linux-y, retro-y, computer-y questions.

Bring you snackies. Wear your jammies.

Lunduke and Friends - April 18th, 2020

Chris Titus, Matt Hartley, & Lunduke talk about nerdy stuff.

- Lunduke and his Toshiba Libretto DOS laptop.
- Hartley and his TI-99 joystick.
- Titus and his really weird Final Fantasy MMO clock.
- And lots of Linux-y questions.

Watch or Listen here:

Mark Shuttleworth in 2016: 'Ubuntu keeps GNU/Linux relevant'

This is a short interview with Mark Shuttleworth (CEO of Canonical, makers of Ubuntu) that I did back in 2016.

His answers were fascinating.

If you used posts here to stay up to date on his articles and shows, Lunduke recommends choosing another method of being alerted to new content at...

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I originally planned to start this resolution on January 1st...

But I'm ready.

See ya later, Fediverse!

Be excellent to each other!

‪2020 New Year's Resolution:‬

‪No Social Media‬

‪No Cellular Data‬

‪Watch, Listen, & Read here:‬

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