Survey. About Operating Systems and happiness and such. You can take it. It's anonymous. Part of an upcoming article and whatnot.

Google docs!? Are you serious!? How not Foss can you get? Maybe you are trolling?

@yisraeldov lol, yeah. But it works well. And it can be taken totally anonymously. So it works. Tried to use a few different FOSS survey tools and all of them broke and didn't do what I needed.

@lunduke @yisraeldov @Framasoft

I have heard decent reviews of Framaforms:

Otherwise, Google is mostly a monopoly.

It cannot be taken without running Google's proprietary javascript. 'totally anonymously' I guess only refers to the data Google shows *you*?

@lunduke @yisraeldov
I've attempted to put together a clone of the google form using with nextcloud forms. The issues i came across were making questions optional and exporting responses ('votes') as csv (right now, they're just in a database table)

@lunduke @yisraeldov did you try limewire? I know it may be a bit much to set up a server just for one poll tho...

@lunduke Pity. I'd love to do the survey but I rather not visit Google sites. I block google domains in my /etc/hosts file too. But I love the idea man!

@cyprian @lunduke wow, my android phone won't open google docs. I bet Amiga's Workbench could handle it. Wtf has happened to the world.

@lunduke I submitted two responses, because until recently my home PC was running Linux (various flavours over the years). Sold the PC for a windows laptop for the wife's studies because the university is locked in to M$. I also work at the university, where I have a work issued windows laptop. Although im considering demanding a change to Linux, because I really hate dealing with anything M$.

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