Ahead of , I am going to be un-following any accounts that post, like, or re-tweet any content that is:

- Mean-spirited
- Dehumanizing
- Vilifying
- Vulgar

Doesn't mean I don't like you. Doesn't mean you're not an amazing person. I just want to avoid that content.

On that same note, if you are going to be participating in , let me know! I'd love to follow (and amplify) more folks spreading love and kindness!

@lunduke @lunduke why not make every month nice?
Starting with October seems like a good idea though!

@toast Hey! If we can do it for a month... we can always extend it to Nicevember... and Nice2020. ;)

@lunduke I'm glad you're not vilifying blunt people like me who don't even realize when they're not nice.

Great idea! I try to be kind all the time, but I'm all for making an extra special effort in October. Happy !

@lunduke my wife says I'm like a old man, if I ain't mean/grouchy or have something to gripe about then I ain't happy. :/

@lunduke I'm on board! This is an excellent time for such a "detox", as I'm sure a lot of us are still moving toward open social platforms like mastodon, which is a great time to set a tone for our presences. Still going to try across all platforms, though!

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