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You know something? I think Ubuntu's next release should be running the Patheon Desktop. :)

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Brutalist Web design improves the separation between presentation and content by removing the presentation.


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Users have asked us about a dark style preference in elementary OS. In our latest story, Cassidy dives into the research and prior art around dark styles, plus shares how it could be achieved not only in elementary OS, but across desktops. buff.ly/2HnNaII

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@lunduke any chance you get in contact with Jupiter Broadcasting about their Linux Unplugged #299 episode about librem.one? It's amazing how many things they got wrong even though the information is publicly available.

Today's warehouse work music is all day! Maybe some later.

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Time to grab my coffee and switch on for my morning commute. 😃

So this morning I was trying to find wordwrap for nano-editor in the config. I didn't see it and typing 'set wordwrap' throws an error. So I was looking in the forums and decided to try a different text editor... it is really neat. I am a huge fan. So I will be using joe for a while to see if it really fits my workflow better.

Anyone used joe, the text editor for Linux/BSD/Unix/etc? Any thoughts?

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Thanks to @bleakgrey (and I think I recall someone else being involved), a new Odysseus release is coming out soon support a "reader mode".

I find it rediculous I feel need to support this feature, it's saying "webdevs are doing such a poor job that I need to offer to clear away their mess!"

In celebration of this I will describe how this code (the same as used in Firefox and Pocket) works.

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There's an old saying, "anything worth doing, is worth automating"—or something like that. Downloading and reading #Linux Journal always has been worth doing, and now you can automate it with our new autolj script.

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Also, I made that background myself! Yay!

Here is my most recent Desktop. It's getting prettier! Yay!

Also I am now using something that makes my terminal look nice and fun.

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@poetgrant Damn, I could never throw a tomahawk! Shurikens are where I ended.

Here's the blogpost! I rushed the ending, the start is somewhat rough and the middle could use some work, but other than that, it's okay imo :-D m4iler.cloud/hobbies/2019/05/1

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Limited supply of Librem 15 laptops (v3-NoTPM) on clearance: $150 off.

- 15.6″ matte 1920×1080
- Intel Core i7 6500U
- Up to 16GB RAM
- Intel HD 520 GPU
- 2.5″ SATA + NVMe-capable M.2 slots
- Keyboard: English (US), English (UK)
- OS: PureOS (GNU/Linux)


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Need favicon designed. Any designer recommendations?

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