@tpharrison @strikersan@framapiaf.org @lunduke truth is, YouTube is the largest audience. Plain and simple.

Also, I'm of the mindset that we should be colloquially appropriating intellectual property (as in the name YouTube) so as to rob the holders of their rights to it.

LBRY is youtube, PeerTube is youtube, BitChute is youtube. You post to any of those platforms, you're a youtuber.


@gbryant @tpharrison @strikersan@framapiaf.org

Psh. I make TV. Distributed digitally.

LBRY is TV. PeerTube is TV. YouTube is TV. ;)

@lunduke @gbryant @tpharrison @strikersan

Ahhh, our parents were ahead of their time, calling all the gaming systems Nintendo. 😉

@lunduke @tpharrison @strikersan@framapiaf.org I mean... I _watch_ YouTube on my TV. And aside from a handful of ripped TV shows from Blu-ray that I stream through Plex, I don't watch TV shows. It's almost exclusively YT/LBRY.

@lunduke @gbryant @tpharrison @strikersan I think being a "YouTuber" has gone the way of "googling" - it's the standard term even if you don't specifically mean that platform.

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